Agro-Tour in Crete


Tour Duration: 7 hours (depends on the pickup location)
Price: 70 € / person  (No hidden costs)

If you want to meet the real and strong Cretan tradition then you must book this daily tour. We promise an extra special experience in Crete.

The tour contains:

  • 9:00 Pick up from your hotel
  • 11:00 Stop in a traditional village (Pigaidakia) in south Crete. While we go there, we pass from traditional villages (Gortyna, Moires, Pompia) - in which, if you wish, we can have small stops.
  • 11:30 Visit an olive farm, we meet farmers who explain how they deal with olive trees. We learn about olive oil, about the process that is needed to produce the olive oil and we have a delicious testing of olive oil. (Very strong experience)
  • 13:00 We visit one of the best beaches in Crete - Kali limenes - with crystal clear water.
  • 14:00 Lunch
  • 16:00 We are Back to your hotel

The minimum price of this tour is 280 € (or 4 persons * 70€)  which contains everything but the lunch. 
We promise an extraordinary feeling by the end of this tour! We strongly recommend this tour!

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