Thessaloniki Taxi Transfers

Thessaloni city is the second largest city in Greece. Thessaloniki taxi is always blue-white color. Thessaloniki has so many thinks to see and do and the best way to explore every corner is to get around by taxi.Thessaloniki has 2000 taxi so you can grab a taxi easily by hailing one from the road or you can find one just walking to the nearby taxi rank. Of course you can book your transfer with taxi in advance with Liontransfer.

Thessaloniki taxi prices

All the official taxis in Thessaloniki has a taximeter. When you take the taxi you must always ask the driver to put the taximeter on. Except you have prebooked your transfer with Thessaloniki taxi in advance with flat rate cost. When the taximeter starts the base fare is 1,19 euro and the minimum charge is 3,16 euro. If your destination is inside Thessaloniki city you expect a cost 0,68 per km. If you choose to use a taxi to go outside the city the cost is 1,19 per km. The benefit to booking your transfer in advance with Liontransfer using Thessaloniki taxi is because you can have the lowest taxi prices.

How to get a taxi in Thessaloniki

In Thessaloniki city center you can find many official taxi ranks in the main roads. The biggest taxi ranks in the city are in Aristotle Square, Mitropoleos Street, Pavlou Mela which is near to White Tower and of course in Thessaloniki train station and in Thessaloniki bus station. Of course you can always raise your hand and stop a taxi from the street just keep in mind that Thessaloniki taxi is always blue and white and they have yellow car plates. If you want to take a private tour inside the city is better to book your transfer in advance using Liontransfer. Also Thessaloniki taxi is the best way if you are interested to go for summer holidays in Chalkidiki or in Paralia Katerinis.

Why to book your Thessaloniki taxi with Liontransfer

Using Liontransfer for your transfers with Thessaloniki taxi ensure that you will have a safe and pleasant ride. Our professional drivers will help you with any questions you have regarding the city. Also almost all of them they speak very good English and some of them can speak also German and French. They will offer you water inside the taxi and he will give you the wifi code to use during your transfer. If you are planning to travel with your children a good reason to choose us is because you can always ask to have the appropriate car seat installed. If you are a big family and you have a lot of baggage book your transfer in advance and choose a caravan or a minivan. Finally the best reason to choose our company for your transfer is our prices.
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